I’ve got mad hair skills

As the mother of 3 daughters, I have out of necessity, had to learn to do hair.  I had always enjoyed doing hair with my barbies and dolls as a child.  Now that I have life-sized dolls, the joy is sometimes greater than others.

As a beginning mother, I knew how to do a basic pony-tail and pig-tails.  My talents have now blossomed into doing a proficient french-braid pony-tail (I can tight or loose).  French-braid pig-tails (parted on the side or in the middle).  I can curl hair with the curling iron, straighten hair with the flat-iron, do fishtail braids.  Also in my portfolio of looks, buns (high, low and side), french-braid just across the front to make a headband, and many others I don’t have names for.

My older two girls will often look on Pinterest and find new hair looks to bring to me.  I am flattered that they think I am capable of these complex things, but I have to often remind them that I am not a professional stylist and make no promises about my skills.  This never deters them from trying.

Some mornings, beside the usual hectic routine, I have been know to do three other heads of hair other than my own!  I also can never find a brush in my own bathroom and have bought 2 new brushes just for me in the last 3 months.  No one ever knows where they have disappeared to! : )

Although I sometimes complain about having to do hair and being asked at the last minute to do it, I know that one day I will miss this.  I will miss holding and twisting the beautiful blond hair and just being that close with my girls.  Luckily with my two year old, I am probably guaranteed another 16 years of my hair styling job.

So today, all three girls are my favorites for forcing me to become an adept hair stylist : )

Daily tally:

Avery 1/-1, Brooke 1/0,  Kate 2/0

4 thoughts on “I’ve got mad hair skills

    1. I love to do it too! Now its the only time I get my teens to sit down and its just me and them. Not that they ask that often now – my 16 year old asked me yesterday to braid her hair and it was nice just being us. Reminded me of when she was little. Ok I think I am being sappy because it is way too late for me : )

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  1. This was a great post. I have no children to do hair for and even if I did arthritis has made it difficult to do anything with my own hair so I keep it short. But I love seeing braids and buns and all the wonderful things you can do!

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  2. Awww. This kind of makes me wish I had a daughter. Thid was one thing I wanted to learn wigh her. Won’t happen, but still. Beautiful post! You should give yourself a point, too, for learning all those hair styles!


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