Thanks Luwanda!

I recently had my 25th high school reunion.  Hard to believe its been that long!

I was a little nervous about it because we only had one other and it wasn’t that great.  However, this one was FABULOUS!  Evidently 25 is the magic number.  Everyone was so happy to be there and see each other.  There were no pretensions, showing off, or such.  It was more about seeing friends that helped shape who we were as kids and as we grew throughout the years.  I think after 25 years, people were just happy to be alive and be able to attend!

The picture above is obviously NOT from the reunion, but I had to find a recent picture to show what kind of aging I have done over the years.  At one point during the night of the reunion we had a large group picture made.  My best friend from childhood, Amy (who also introduced me after college to my husband on a blind date) and I were of course beside each other in the photo lineup.  When the picture was over, several people were chatting.  Amy and I saw a classmate we knew from Kindergarten through graduation, Luwanda (yes her real name), and her comment to both of us was, “Ya’ll look a whole lot better than I thought ya’ll would.”  Hmmmmm………thanks…….I think??……..

This was actually very funny to both of us and we repeat it often as  badge of honor.  So maybe we don’t look great.  We are not super models.  But at least we have exceeded expectations maybe.  🙂   What did she expect us to look like???  Truth be told, Luwanda was a couple of drinks in the bottle by that point in the evening – maybe that’s why we looked better than she had thought : )  Beer goggles???

So today, Luwanda is my favorite for providing my ego with a little boost above mediocrity : )  (I have decided that I can name other favorites than my kids in the new year – they may not stay on the list going forward, but I have given myself that permission.  After all, this is my blog and I make up the rules.  I get to change them as I go along if I want.)

Daily tally:

Avery 0/-1, Brooke 0/0,  Kate 0/0, Random classmate Luwanda 1/0

7 thoughts on “Thanks Luwanda!

  1. And isn’t that what we’ve always wanted!! Just to look better than everyone expects?? I love it! And I love you!! My slightly better than mediocre friend!!😄

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