Lunch Diva

Is it bad that I want to strangle my 16 year old?  She went back to school today from the holiday break. Last night she wanted me to go the grocery store to get a menu of food for her school lunches. We had plenty of food so I told her that I would go later in the week.

Then I proceeded to pack lunches so they would be ready for and her sister in the morning. After packing them she wanted to know what I had packed because “we don’t have any food.”  This is the list I told her, along with her responses:

  • 4 Oreos packed in a zip lock – “I don’t like Oreos”. ( I have personally seen her chow down on Oreos numerous times!)
  • Goldfish in a bag – “Those a Goldfish are old.”  (they are not old.)
  • Munster cheese that I cubed and put in a small bag. – “That cheese is old too.”
  • Carrots in a bag. – “The carrots are old.”
  • Homemade mac’n’cheese for her thermos – “The mac’n’cheese is old too.”  (No it’s not. I just made it a day ago you little snot!!)
  • Package of gummy fruit – “I don’t like those”. (Then why have I seen you eating them!!?!)

So “Diva” goes off to school with her lunch and the above text is what I got about half way through the day. So evidentially all the food was stale – not!  Perhaps I should not have been so sassy back but sometimes I can’t help it!

Truth be told, Avery had already decided before she ever went to school that her lunch would be awful.

So Avery earned herself a “least favorite” today for her lunch drama.

Dally tally:

Avery 0/-1     Brooke 0/0      Kate 0/0


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