Clean Slate for the New Year

At last count the tally for the family as to favorites and least favorites was:

Avery 6/-6     Brooke 6/-2      Kate 13/-9     Jack 2/-2    Husband 3/-2    Me 0/-1

Therefore, the year end totals were:

Avery 0, Brooke +4, Kate +4, Jack 0, Husband +1, and Me -1

So Brooke and Kate were tied for the top spot at +4.  I have only been blogging since October so they didn’t have a great deal of time to accumulate more points than that.  Since I started blogging late in the year, I thought it would be a good idea to start the new year with a clean slate for everyone and see where we wind up in a year.

For my Co-Winners, there will be prizes:

For Kate, I will be purchasing(not really) a mythical, imaginary unicorn named Pancake.  Oh yeah, its a Pegasus too so she can fly around on it.  Pancake also has sparkly jewels all over her like she has been bedazzled and is a lovely lavender color.  We shall keep her in our castle out back and since she’s imaginary, she doesn’t need to be fed – bonus!

For Brooke, since she’s really into clothes and fashion as a 14 year old now, she will be the entire line of Lily Pulitzer clothes and accessories.  These will be in the form of photos on the Lily app that she can view each day and enjoy (she already has the app and looks at them each day ; )

My husband finished in 3rd place which will be good for me committing to still pay the bills each month.

Avery and Jack finished with a net zero.  Thus, they will be getting nothing.  However, they will not be punished either.

In last place, is Me.  Since I finished last and with the only negative score, I will be punished once again this year will laundry and cleaning duties in the house : )

So, for the new year, our tally is presently:

Avery 0/0     Brooke 0/0      Kate 0/0     Jack 0/0    Husband 0/0    Me 0/0

Let the games begin!


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