I’m Getting Played by a Two-Year-Old

Our youngest daughter is two – back in August – and has NOOOOO desire to potty train.  None.  Nada.

I don’t remember it being this difficult with the other two girls – of course that was many years ago.  The thing is, she knows what she is doing – or at least seems to know.

When I put her on the potty, she will go.  But if I don’ insist, she is content to go in her diaper/pull-up.  She is so crafty that yesterday when she pooped in her diaper, she took it off herself, put the poop in the toilet and flushed it.  Then she put the diaper in the trash and came asking for another diaper to be put on her.  WHAT??  If she is smart enough to know that she doesn’t like sitting in poop and can take her diaper off and flush the poop, isn’t she smart enough to actually potty train?

This child is playing me!  I don’t know if she will EVER potty train.  I’m getting tired of trying when she obviously doesn’t care in the least.  Our pediatrician said to just wait til she initiates it.  So maybe we’ll potty train when she’s 10!!!

Due to this, Kate is my least favorite today.

Daily tally:

Avery 6/-6     Brooke 6/-2      Kate 13/-9     Jack 2/-2    Husband 3/-2    Me 0/-1


13 thoughts on “I’m Getting Played by a Two-Year-Old

  1. My son was the opposite, he would just sit in it. Its only when I smelt it would he go yes mummy, I needed the toilet. I know he knew how. It was unfortunate I was house training the dog at the same time, so did have to spend time convincing him not to go in the garden

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  2. I found my youngest the easiest to potty train, but my oldest was just content to sit in wet pull ups or underwear. She would only go when she was ready, she will decide she is ready eventually. I have yet to hear of a child go to Kindergarten not potty trained lol!

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  3. Sorry, but this gave me a good laugh. I am sympathetic, but it’s her behaviour that’s hilarious. Dump, flush and ask for a new diaper. That kid is cagey and truly playing you. You have a long road ahead.

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  4. We were lucky with our second. He learned pretty quick from watching and wanting to be like his big brother. His big brother, on the hand, was content to sit in very wet underwear to play trains. Peeing in his underwear didn’t phase him. Fortunately, he is now potty trained. Has been for 5 years (he’s 8). Good luck with your playa! 🙂

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