Grocery Ninja

Grocery Ninja strikes again!  Gracious, she is FAST!  My husband and I went to the grocery store a few nights ago.  We decided to allow her to push her own car – they have the kid sized ones at our local store.

I had tried this before, so I knew what was about to happen.  My husband never takes the baby out in public alone and has no clue of the turmoil that is getting ready to hit the store.  (Maybe this is unfair of me to set him up a little – No!  I don’t care!)

My husband is also not a great baby watcher either.  He gives her a lot more space and free range than I do.  I was pushing the regular cart and he was in charge of managing our two year old.

We had gotten to the first section of the store and it began.  My husband was walking off – about 10 feet away from Kate.  I had to tell him to go back and watch her.  By this time, I could see what she was doing – she had spotted the cupcakes and promptly got a container for herself.  Unfortunately, dexterity is not a gift most two-year -olds have mastered and she dropped the cupcakes upside-down into her cart – so it looks like we are buying cupcakes tonight!  Messed up, ugly cupcakes.

This trend continued throughout the store.  She would see something she wanted and simply put it in her cart.  I would take it out and put it back on the shelf.  My husband was in a whirlwind!  He is like many other males that have not mastered the art of multi-tasking.  Okay, he has heard of multi-tasking, but he doesn’t really know what it means. : )

The video is testament to both his and her behavior in the store.  She is literally running away from him with her cart and he is chasing her!  Its a fun show to watch when you are not the one chasing!

Due to this “show,” Kate is my favorite today.  Thanks for the entertainment!

Daily tally:

Avery 6/-5     Brooke 6/-1      Kate 13/-7     Jack 2/-2    Husband 3/-2    Me 0/-1


6 thoughts on “Grocery Ninja

  1. This made me laugh because I love doing stuff like this where they see what it is really like. I once had an all day meeting and dear partner took care of the kids for the day. About noon I got a call, “Your life stinks,” was all they could say!

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