Car Caroling

Tonight as our family returned from a Christmas gathering at a friend’s house, we had about 30 minutes in the car together.  Our 16 year old, Avery, is usually sullen and moody – but tonight we saw a rare glimpse of the sweet girl we used to know before puberty reared its ugly head.

Avery, who is NOT a singer, decided that she would sing every Christmas song that came on the radio on the way home.  This is funny in itself because 1. she doesn’t sing often, and 2. she doesn’t sing well.  She was singing her heart out – just for the joy of singing, like when you sing in the shower or when you think nobody’s listening.  It was fun to watch her have such a good time.

Then she encouraged all of us to sing along with her.  Hubby didn’t sing, but there was a time or two that he join the “air band.”  However, Brooke, Avery and myself had a blast singing to the tops of our lungs and playing our air instruments.  I know – its super corny and we are usually not this cliche.  We totally looked like the family from Christmas Vacation caroling in the car – but I don’t care!  It brought joy to my heart to have the whole fam together and having fun.

My favorite today is Avery for orchestrating our car caroling : )

Daily tally:

Avery 5/-5     Brooke 5/-1      Kate 11/-7     Jack 2/-2    Husband 3/-2    Me 0/-1

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