Hard Times in Christmas Town

I am not one of those people with a designer Christmas tree.  You know, the ones that look like they jumped off the pages of a magazine – everything is color-coordinated and themed.  Don’t get me wrong – I think they are gorgeous!  But my tree will always be filled with the ornaments that make me feel the love of my family.  That means all the school-created ornaments from the kids go up on the tree.  It may not be the prettiest tree in town, but it is to me.

One tradition we started when we had the children is that each year they get to pick out their own ornament – it can be whatever they want – a “My Little Pony,”  Minnie Mouse, zebra, school bus….  Whatever they are into that year, they can pick out and they have their own separate container for just their ornaments.  Eventually, they will take their ornaments with them when they move away.  With that being said, we have some well loved ornaments.

Case in point, is the zebra ornament above.  This zebra is missing both ears, and all four legs have been broken – or loved – off.  He’s a pretty rough looking ornament, but when I see this, it reminds me of all the joy it brought to the girls as they played with it.

Next piece of evidence:  The lame lamb……

The lame lamb has definitely seen better days.  I do not know exactly how he came to be a three-legged lamb, but I am sure they had fun doing it!

Next up: Claire from the Nutcracker

Claire is quite interesting because she is missing an arm, but still retains a “floating” hand.  Who did she make angry to take her arm and leave her hand?!

Then we have the one-handed king:

This was Kate’s addition this year.  I guess she’s “breaking” into the family business (sorry I couldn’t help myself!)  The king started out the season with both hands.  But then something must have gone terribly wrong.  His had is missing – leaving only a stump at the wrist.  However, Kate left the hand, attached to a box of jewels/myrrh? at his feet.  Maybe the king was caught for stealing and the hand laying there is a warning to all the other Christmas Town People……….

Lastly, the boy in the Nativity Scene 

First of all, why is he there?  Maybe a stable boy??  Is his presence really essential to the story?  This is the only Nativity Scene that has him present, but from the looks of things, he’s not a lot of help.  If you see on the  photo all he has done this year is lay on his back in the hay loft.  Lazy!!  This isn’t the first year either – if you look closely at his neck, you will see that he has once been beheaded – probably for laziness.  He had better watch out this year!  Has he not seen what happened to the king??!!!!!

All 3 of my kiddos are my favorites today for providing me with great memories!

Daily tally:

Avery /-5     Brooke 5/-1      Kate 11/-7     Jack 2/-2    Husband 3/-2    Me 0/-1

14 thoughts on “Hard Times in Christmas Town

  1. Thank you for this delightful post! This is how I remember my Christmas growing up! Every year when we would go see Santa at the mall, we got a little china bell and every year mine would either get a crack or loose its ringer….or both. But Mom kept them just the same. There were the little whirly things that when put over a light bulb would spin and sparkle. Unfortunately they don’t work with today’s light bulbs but they are still on my tree. In the nativity Joseph has a shiny glittery red heart on his head – I don’t know why, I just know it was put there by the little guy I look after. He hasn’t been here this Christmas and I don’t have the “heart” to remove his heart – to me it adds to the scene!


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