The Plague of the flies…..

I know my regular readers must think “What’s with you and the creatures??”  Wish I had the answer to that.  First it was the bats.  Now its flies!  Why couldn’t we get infested by cute, cuddly kittens or puppies? Listen, I can’t make this stuff up!  I wish I did not have these stories to tell.  At least my children will have some legends to tell to the grandkids one day.

The Plague of the Flies began last winter.  We had moved into a rental house because we sold our house due to not having enough bedrooms for the baby.  We rented because we are building a house.

We had been in the house a couple of months when these flies started showing up.  We would see them in the mornings and when we came home from work.  These were not regular flies either.  These were what we call in the South “Blow Flies.”  They are HUGE!  About the size of your thumb nail.  The good thing about them being really big is that they are proportionately slow and therefore, relatively easy to kill.

We first noticed the flies one morning.  Maybe around 5 on the ceiling of the family room.  Odd to have flies inside during the winter, but we killed them and went about our day of school and work.  When we came home from school/work, a couple of more flies on the ceiling but nothing alarming.  This went on for a few days and we couldn’t figure out where the flies were coming from.

Then the SMELL started!  OMG it was terrible!!!  The fly population continued to grow.  Now there were around 20 or more flies in the morning and when we came home from work.  “Fly” was one of the few words our baby could say!

I started loosing it!  By “it,” I mean my mind!!!  We pulled out all the furniture, drawers and looked through all the cabinets.  Nothing.  No flies, no sign of the smell.  I had a suspicion that the smell could be something dead in the heat/air vent system of the house.  I took press’n’seal (plastic wrap) and sealed off all the air vents in the entire house.  What’s better is that it was the holiday wrap, so all around the house we had decorative holiday plastic wrap over all the vents – very attractive!  We called a Heating and Air technician to come take a look.  He looked through all the vents…..under the house……in the attic……NOTHING!  No sign of the smell of anything.

Next step….. the exterminator.  An exterminator came.  Again he looked through everything – vents, attic, under the house.  Again NOTHING!!  And still the smell was HORRID!  Something was definitely dead and decaying in this house.  We were killing tons of flies – 40-50 at a time.  We would kill flies in the morning and then again in the afternoon.  But we still couldn’t tell where they were coming from!!!  We never saw any come out of a specific place.  The exterminator did however have a suggestion – he found a wet spot underneath the house and thought that maybe there was a sewer leak – thus explaining the smell.

Yay!  Raw sewage beneath the house!  Soothing……..  So we called a plumber.  The plumber came and inspected all the pipes throughout the house and under the house (remember we are meeting all these service people and THIS ISN’T EVEN OUR HOUSE!)  Conclusion – no sewer leak.  Pipes all fine.

Still the smell and flies continued……..Every.  Single.  Day.

Last suggestion was to check the chimney.  We have a hard time finding and old fashioned chimney sweep, but finally located one.  He came on a Saturday afternoon and set to work.  Actually by this time the flies had slowed down a bit.  After about 30 minutes of searching……..he located the source of all our problems.  A dead squirrel!!!  It had evidently fallen down the chimney, gotten stuck and died halfway up/down the chimney.  By the time he was finally discovered, he was just a fury skeleton thanks to the flies.  If you want to see evidence of the little fellow, you can scroll down the bottom.  If not, you may want to stop reading here.

I don’t know who is my favorite today for that story???  God maybe and his sense of humor????  I don’t really have a family favorite today so the tally remains the same:

Avery 2/-5     Brooke 4/-1      Kate 9/-7     Jack 2/-2    Husband 3/-2    Me 0/-1


2 thoughts on “The Plague of the flies…..

  1. Glad you found the source. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of a squirrel falling down a chimney before. I guess the squirrel who falls down the chimney doesn’t get to grow up and have squirrels of his own. Poor thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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