You are NOT a Kardashian!

My husband’s car broke down a few days ago.  He was on his way home from visiting his mom in the hospital over two hours away – another long story.  He was still about an hour and half away from home and called me to say that he was broken down in the suburban – which we lovingly call “the burban” in our family.  Well, the burban finally left him stranded.

Interesting part about that is he took the burban to our mechanic last week because he heard some rattling and asked them to look into it.  The mechanic drove around with him and said he couldn’t hear any rattling.  He even said that whatever it was had to be minor and that it wouldn’t leave him stranded – famous last words……

So after both the older girls had ballgames, I ventured out at 9:30 pm to pick up my husband who was having the car towed.  On the way to pick him up, I called our 16 year old, Avery, to tell her that he father would be driving her car for a few days.  You would have thought that I had said “We are taking you to a tattoo parlor and getting the word LOSER tattooed across your forehead!”  She lost it!

She started her soliloquy of how she had to have a car to get back and forth to school and practice and that this wasn’t fair.  Why couldn’t Daddy borrow a car from someone?  This was all coming from a child who didn’t buy the car, who doesn’t pay for insurance and who doesn’t pay for her own gas.  YOU ARE NOT A KARDASHIAN!!!!

We live in the real world and here, we have to work.  The people with jobs, who make the money for the family, need the cars and have priority over any children that could ride a bus or get a ride with friends!!  We have given this child too much!!!  I blame those Kardashians!!  Kim, and Kloe, and all the other K-girls.  Avery watches them and thinks this is real life.  She knows what kind of car each of them has and all their clothes, etc…. Last time I looked we did not have a Bentley parked out front.  We do not vacation at exotic spots all over the world.  We do not have a reality TV show (but maybe we should and it should be called “We are NOT the Kardashians!”)  We do not have designers calling and asking us to wear their clothes.  I have not done a club appearance since……never!  My last photo shoot was……..the day before never!

This is my letter to the Kardashian family:

Dear Kardashians,

You are killing the American Youth.  Slowly.  One by one.  They are be inducted into your cult of shallow, superficial fame.  Fame for no reason or talent.  You give all these youth false hope that they can wallow in the riches of the world for no good reason.  To help save our youth, please do one of the following: 1. develop a marketable talent or skill, or 2. stop flaunting your beauty and wealth.  The paupers of the world have been given false hope.  Our teenagers think as long as they are cute, they are entitled to all the world has to offer.  The mothers of the world are begging for your help!  Please do a public service announcement about the values of staying in school and hard work.  Pleeeeeaasseeee!

Until my blog really takes off and it is turned into a book/movie/TV show, we have to work.  Hard.  Every.  Every.  Day.

So today, my oldest Kardashian, Avery is my least favorite.

Daily tally:

Avery 2/-5     Brooke 4/-1      Kate 8/-7     Jack 1/-2    Husband 3/-2    Me 0/-1


19 thoughts on “You are NOT a Kardashian!

  1. Although you spoke great truth, your blog was very humorously written. When I got my first car, I had to pay my own car payment at 16. I didn’t have to pay for the insurance as this would have been more than I could have afforded while working and going to school full time. I had an appreciation for being able to have a car and I really think it was because I had to pay the payment. Otherwise, I probably would have been way off base in my thinking as well. My daughter is 14 and she thinks it’s the end of the world when I take that cell phone. But, oh well-what can I say. She seems to self correct when I snatch that there cell phone.:)

    Thanks for the great read.

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  2. It’s shameful that others actually look up to these shallow entitled people. Sadly it’s not just teenagers but adults too who worship these type of people. Thankfully I’m not one of them but I also do not hold friendships with those that do. It’s disgusting behavior to me.

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  3. Thanks for writing this Steph. We all need this reminder that more than 99 % of the world does not have any claim to fame and if they do, it is for things that should matter like caring for others, making a difference in people’s life, finding out who your neighbour is and talking to them, caring for older people, caring for little children on their own, instilling good values, principles, ethics and even dressing sense. I mean, really, one of them Ks is famous for her behind. Can you beat that ?

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  4. In the interest of loving everything – look at what the Kardashians are REALLY teaching us. They provide a powerful demonstration. Sometimes the best illustration is through a bad example! And, thankfully, all we really need to do is turn it off.

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