Jack went to jail……..again

Our dog Jack is the sweetest, most snugly chocolate lab you have ever met.  He literally has to be touching me at all times when he is inside.  Everyone loves him.  So much so that he has been taken twice in the last month.  Once the vet took him (you can read about that in the post “Our Vet Stole Our Dog.”)  This week he got taken again.

I use the word “jail” loosely.  Jack didn’t really get taken to jail, he got dropped off at the local vet’s office……….again. Last week, I got a call from the vet’s office, but was in a heated meeting at work, so obviously I ignored the phone call.  I knew they would call my husband if they couldn’t get me.

I later found out that Jack was in our yard, but he didn’t have his collar on to keep him in our yard.  Therefore, he went on a little journey through town.  I am not sure exactly where he wound up, but evidently he was picked up by an elderly widow who took him to the vet’s office.  The vet’s office then called my husband.  All we know is a first name of this lady and have no idea exactly how far away Jack had ventured.  She told the vet’s office that she considered keeping the dog because she didn’t have a dog and he was so loving.

As if our lives were not crazy enough!-we have a dog with seizures, acne who is now a run-away!!  That’s my new name for him – Runaway!

Next time we may not get Jack back.  Please stay out of jail/vet’s office Jack!

Due to this, Jack is my least favorite today.

Daily tally:

Avery 2/-4     Brooke 4/-1      Kate 8/-7     Jack 1/-3    Husband 3/-2    Me 0/-1


8 thoughts on “Jack went to jail……..again

  1. He’s our dog too! I bet he’s looking for Mickey or maybe the FO trash team. If he could find his way home (old home) I bet he would be so excited. We might not take him back😜.

    We love Jack!! He’s our favorite!

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