Coastal Memories

This past summer there were an unusual amount of shark attack/encounters along the eastern coast of the United States.  We visit the beach often during the summer and have been lucky to avoid any such events.  However, one attack occurred exactly where we go swim and hang out at the beach.

Our one encounter this summer with sharks was while fishing.  My father has his commercial fishing license – but just as a hobby.  This allows him to put out nets overnight and we have to go back and have them up before sunrise.  The picture with this post shows one of the sharks we caught that day in the nets.  It was pretty interesting that we caught several hammer head sharks and rays in the nets.

Brooke was being pretty cool and brave, holding a shark.  She was so proud of herself for holding the shark!  Of course we let it go back into the water, but if you have never held a shark in your hands, I do recommend it, if only for a few seconds.  Quite the rush!

As I look at this picture and many others like it, I see my kids learning to fish at the beach, use crab pots, find shark teeth, cut up a live fish for bait.  One of their most fun past times is getting the crabs from the crab pots and we take off the pinchers.  The crabs can no longer pinch you and the kids play with them all day – well until we cook them and eat them.  They have learned about cleaning and cooking fish, boating, canoeing, surfing.  And oh yeah, swimming.

The education my children have gotten from these experiences is priceless.  Not only have they learned so much about the coast and coastal animals, but they have made memories with their family members.  They will always remember that their Grady taught them how to fish the nets; that their Grandma taught them how to clean a crab and cook it.  These kind of memories you can’t buy.

Today my favorites are my parents – for so many things – but for today for providing a beach house and a mountain of memories and education for our whole family.

Daily tally:

Avery 1/-4         Brooke 3/-1      Kate 7/-7     Jack 1/-2    Husband 3/-1    Me 0/-1  My parents 1/0


6 thoughts on “Coastal Memories

  1. I have fond memories of fishing with my dad too. Ihave used your post for inspiration for my “You inspire me blog” A picture is scheduled to go up on Dec 13th. Please keep an eye out! And big thanks for following!

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