“Bella is Goals”


“Bella is goals.”  This is a quote I heard for the first time today.  Okay, old folks like me, what does this mean?  I was very proud of myself that I figured it out, but I did have the context clues surrounding it to help me.

My middle daughter Bella was telling me about an interaction she had at middle school with some of her friends.  She said she walked up to a group of friends who were talking and one of the girls said, “Bella is goals.”  Then she said that it was really nice and made her feel good that her friend said that.

From those clues, I deciphered that “Bella is goals,” means something like “Bella is really cool and we strive to be like her.”  I think this may apply to looks, grades, disposition, friendships, relationships, attractiveness, clothes, etc…  It may mean all of these, some of these, or just one of these.  Whichever, it does mean that Bella is cool and others want to be like her.  I asked her to make sure my reasoning was sound and she said it was.

So now all us old peeps can use cool slang like “goals.”  Only if we start using it, the term will instantly loose any inherent coolness it ever had.  So my advise is to use with caution.  Maybe use it once a month to show you are hip, but no more than that so its coolness and usage by the young people is not jeopardized by our ancient uncool selves.

Thanks Bella for sharing slang and teaching us old dogs.  Because of that, you are my favorite today : )

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-4         Bella 4/-1      Tate 7/-7     Jack 1/-2    Husband 3/-1    Me 0/-1


3 thoughts on ““Bella is Goals”

    1. I agree! Can’t call anything “sick” either. Their text acronyms are a whole other part of the matrix I don’t begin to understand : )


      1. Years ago when teenagers, the boys went through a stage of calling people FAJ – I couldn’t work this one out and when asked what it meant was informed they were saying VAG – you know Mom – as in Vagina ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


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