Epic Mothering Fail

Today I forgot to pick up my child.  I actually forgot to pick her up or arrange for someone else to pick her up.  She was left at school.  She had to call me.

I quickly sent my husband to go get her, but she knew we forgot her.  I live in constant fear of doing just this thing!  With 3 children, and so many schedules and events to keep up with, I constantly wonder “What am I forgetting????”  That is a chronic source of stress and anxiety for me.

The bad thing is, she knew we forgot her.  When I got home, that’s the first thing she said to me, “You forgot me,” in a sad little voice.  There was  no way to play this off.  Oh, could I feel any smaller!???!!

I did.  I admit it.  I forgot that my middle school daughter did not have cheer practice today and had to be picked up at a different time.  There goes my nomination for “Mother of the Year.” AGAIN!!

I feel like I am constantly juggling so many things – practices, games, work, chores, shopping, church, etc….  Most of the time I do a pretty good job of keeping it all up in the air – even with near misses.  I guess sooner or later, one of the balls has to drop when you keep adding more and more.

For this reason, I am my least favorite today : (

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-4         Bella 3/-1      Tate 7/-7     Jack 1/-2    Husband 3/-1    Me 0/-1


4 thoughts on “Epic Mothering Fail

  1. We are all human, well most of us, and yes juggling everything is a daily battle – I’m sure you felt awful but trust me, we`ve all failed epically at times – and sometimes its nice to have the reassurance that we`re not the only ones to lose “Mother of the Year” xxxxx

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    1. The funny thing is – I actually got “mother of the year” once from our church. Good thing I got it then because it will NEVER happen again!!! The 3rd child pushed me over the edge! Nice to know I have company : )

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