We FINALLY Started!!!!

 I am beyond excited today!!!  After selling our house and living in a rental house a year and a half ago, our new house finally began today!!!  WoooooHoooooo!!!!

To say it has been a long process is an understatement.  We sold rather quickly and moved into a rental home – taking only a portion of our belongings for us, our 3 kids and our dog.  Its been sort of like camping – for a year and a half.

We first had to agree where we wanted to live – town, subdivision, or out in the country.  That took a couple of months.  Then to agree on a house plan!  ARGGHHHHH!  We agreed on one, paid for it and ordered it,only to decide after detailed pricing that we didn’t want to spend that much.  On to another house plan we agreed on.  Then all the adjustments – adding another garage, a partial basement, a full basement, redoing roof lines, beams, supports, footings – each step had to be redrawn by an architect.  Note that I made none of these changes!!!  I just want to have a house of my own again.

So today was the day!  The picture attached is of the basement being dug and our view from the back of the lot, looking out towards the front yard.  After so MANY set backs and delays, I have not allowed myself to be excited – my husband has gotten frustrated with my lack of enthusiasm.  I told him I was just tired – tired of getting excited and nothing happening.

I know its still going to be a lonnnnggggg process until we finally move into the house – we have been told 8-9 months – but at least we are one huge step closer today.

My husband is my favorite today for putting up with my grumpiness and frustration.

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-4         Bella 3/-1      Tate 7/-6     Jack 1/-2    Husband 3/-1     Father 1/0


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