My dog has seizures and acne

Yep. You heard it right. High maintenance to say the least.  Our dog, Jack, is super sweet, there is no doubt about that.  Everyone loves him in the neighborhood, but when we got him, I didn’t know we were getting a special needs dog.

With 3 kids, husband, working full time, laundry, sports, cooking, paying bills, shopping, giving baths, etc………, I could really use a regular dog.  I mean a run-of-the-mill, average, happy dog.  You know – healthy, sweet, uncomplicated.

When he was about a year old, he began having seizures.  Not just little ones – Grand mal seizures.  The kind where he looses control of bladder and bowels.  He usually bites something in his mouth too and thus bleeds from his mouth as well.  It really sad to watch. When it all started, he had one in November of that year and we called the vet.  They said to just wait and watch – he may never have another one.  Then a month later, he had 3 in a week – bad ones.

Since then, Jack has been on phenobarbital twice a day; morning and night.  There are several problems with this: 1)He is the only one in the house who takes meds on a daily basis and therefore costs more than my kids monthly.  Evidently, it is a high power medicine because I have to show my driver’s license each time I pick up his meds, 2)Different ones of us in the house feed him each day.  This has resulted in him getting a double dose of medicine at times, while other times he doesn’t get his medicine at all.  We have found that if he misses his medicine, he has a seizure = not fun.  Due to this, Jack has his own old-man-style-weekly-medicine-pillbox.  This helps us remember to give him meds and helps prevent us over-dosing or under-dosing him.  Yes – complicated!!!!

Now we have found out Jack has acne.  REALLY????  DOG ACNE????  Yep.

Jack has to go to the vet every couple of months to have his blood checked to make sure the phenobarbital is in the therapeutic range.  Last time I took him, I asked about these sores on his chin.  He has these ulcer-looking sores that sometimes bleed.  If he comes up and puts his head down on your knee, you may or may not get blood on your pants.

So the vet said it was “dog acne.”  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  I know that its a new one for me!  What’s even better is the $22 dog acne pads we had to buy – like Clearasil pads.  I was thinking of not buying them as the vet was telling me about them, but before I knew it, he took one of the pads out to show me how to use them on Jack’s chin.  Then I felt like I HAD to buy them because he had already opened them and used one on my dog.  Sorry kids, Christmas is going to be lean this year because the dog has seizures and acne!!!

Due to this, Jack is my least favorite today.

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-4         Bella 3/-1      Tate 7/-6     Jack 1/-2    Husband 2/-1     Father 1/0



3 thoughts on “My dog has seizures and acne

    1. I know! I have to laugh too!!! He’s a doll, but a lot of work! I think you may be my twin in another land! Enjoy reading and commenting with you : )


      1. Ha! 😊 I love your humour – your household sounds very much like mine 😊 it’s funny cos my kids are always arguing saying I have a favourite child – which is nonsense – I don’t like any of them that much 😁 have a good day/night wherever you are “long-lost” xx

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