I Know Why Some Animals Eat Their Young

 Our oldest daughter Aubrie is 16, and smart, and blonde, and beautiful…….. and she knows it.  She is also entitled, selfish, and bratty.  I know you are thinking that as her mother, I have undoubtedly played some role in that.  I’m sure that I have.  I think there is a very thin line between empowering your kids with self-confidence and them becoming arrogant jerks.  At our house, we oscillate between those two extremes……often. : (

I know that teenagers are extremely self-absorbed.  Its part of the right of passage or something like that.  It also doesn’t help that she sometimes has complete control of her emotions and other times, her emotions have complete control of her.  I still see glimpses of the sweet girl I know, but then this other creature rears its ugly head and I want to run and hide, trembling in fear.  A teenage girl in all her angst and drama can be a terrifying thing to behold.

The last time I got to behold this site in all its glory was a few weeks ago.  My mother, Aubrie and myself set out to the mall one Sunday afternoon to shop for a dress.  She had been elected as one of the Homecoming representatives for her grade level, so she had to have a dress/outfit for the ceremony at half time of the Homecoming football game.  Correction – she had to have THE OUTFIT for this event.

My mother and I picked out dress after dress for Aubrie to critique and try on.  There were a multitude of complaints – too tight, too short, too long, too poofy, wrong color, ugly fabric and the list goes on……

After  while of this, I turned to my mother and asked, “How did you not kill us when we were teenagers?”  She answered, “I don’t know.”  There you go – no magic – which made me feel better.  Maybe I can make it through her teenage years without a mental breakdown on either of our parts!  I get why some animals eat their young!  They just can’t take it any more!

I also understand why Rapunzel’s mother locked her up in that tower.  I yearn for a tower of my own right now……..

Also, thanks to my Mama for not killing me : )  I am sure I deserved it more than once!

For all of this, Aubrie is my least favorite today.

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-4         Bella 3/-1      Tate 7/-6     Jack 1/-1    Husband 2/-1     Father 1/0



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