A Two Year Old’s Prayers for Bubble Guppies

Last night I asked Tate to pray before bed and this is what I got:

“Dear Wlord,

Plwease blwess Daddy and Mama and Aubrie and Bella and The Bubble Guppies.  The end.”

I certainly appreciate the prayers. God knows I can use all the prayers and blessings I can get. We all do!

However, what puzzled me was the inclusion of the Bubble Guppies. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, they are a cute little group of mermaids and mermen on a cartoon show on Nickelodeon. They are really adorable but probably a bigger part of our lives than they should be. So much so, that I am debating if I should get them Christmas gifts.

I know Tate loves watching them on TV, but why are they in need of prayers over any of the other characters?  She didn’t ask about Mickey or Pepa Pig.  Why Bubble Guppies? Are the cast members bickering?  Is there a heroine epidemic among the mer-people?  Prostitution ring?  Illegal gambling??  Is Molly Pregnant?? What does Tate know that we don’t???………. What is happening with the bubble guppies!!!!???  Do we need to plan an intervention?

Due to her creativity and concern for the Bubble Guppies, Tate is my favorite today.

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-3          Bell 3/-1      Tate 6/-6     Jack 1/-1    Husband 2/-1     Father 1/0


2 thoughts on “A Two Year Old’s Prayers for Bubble Guppies

  1. Peppa pig got new red wellies and went to a party 🎂 Mickey has the joy of the clubhouse (and probably popping E’s as I type 😱 those poor bubble guppies are stuck in that bloody water – they need prayers – night night Tate and sweet dreams x

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