My Concrete Artist

  My two year old daughter, Tate, recently brought home an art project from church.  It looked to be maybe some clouds, created by cotton balls glued at the top of the paper and then some water maybe at the bottom.  The paraphrased accompanying verse was “I can pray to God.  Psalm 17:6”

Again what these actual objects are in the artwork are a bit of a mystery, so I began to ask Tate what was at the bottom of the page.  “Paint,” she told me.  No Tate, what is the paint supposed to be?  What does it represent?  “It is paint,” she offered again. Very concrete!  Still not getting what I was asking, I thought maybe I would try a new approach and asked about the cotton balls.  What are they supposed to be?  “They have glue on them.”  Okay.  I know they have glue on them.  Are they supposed to be clouds?  “No.  They are glue.”  So, I am getting nowhere with the cotton balls and switch my strategy back to the blue dots.  What are the blue objects at the bottom of the page Tate?  “Maybe…….. paint?”  she responds.  Is the paint supposed to BE anything, like water maybe?  I am clearly trying to drag any type of information out of this child.  She says, “It is BLUE paint.”  I give up!  She is obviously in an extremely concrete phase of development.  I am sure she is probably thinking, “What is wrong with my mama?  Why do I have to keep telling her this is paint?  Why doesn’t she know about paint?”

I will try again another day : )

For her commitment to her story from beginning to end, Tate is my favorite today.

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-3          Bell 3/-1      Tate 5/-5        Jack 1/-1      Husband 1/-1

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