The Farmer & The Scarecrow

  Halloween was last night and this is the first year our two year old, Tate knew what was happening.  She was a scarecrow and extremely cute!!  She was even tolerant of the face makeup, hair ribbons and multitude of photos I had to take to commemorate this event for history.  Tate really enjoyed trick-or-treating and was astounded by the fact that she could walk up to a house and they willingly gave her candy.  CANDYYYYYY!  The has a huge sweet tooth (that she gets honestly from me) and this was maybe the best day of her life!  I lost track of how much candy she ate.  I usually only let her have one or two small pieces of candy a day, so I figured this was a day she could really enjoy herself.  I was really expecting puke later in the night but luckily it never happened.

However, my favorite thing about the night was seeing Tate and her daddy walk around the neighborhood and trick-or-treat.  I was with them as well, and it was very special to see them experience the wonder of the night together.  Tate loved seeing all the other kids and decorations in the neighborhood.  I forgot how fun it is to see the world through the eyes of a little one!!

For these reasons, both Tate and my husband are my favorites tonight!

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-3          Bell 3/-1      Tate 4/-5        Jack 1/-1      Husband 1/-1

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