“I Want to See My Poopie Balls”

 Yes, I am afraid you read that correctly.  My two year old, Tate, said this tonight.  I was having a tough situation at work and was consumed with answering emails and listening to angry voice mails.  So much so, that as I gave Tate a bath I was sitting beside the tub with the laptop working.  I thought I would give her some time to play in the tub while I sat on the floor and worked.  She was very content for a while and splashed and played.  Then, she started crawling out of the tub and I had not washed her yet.  “Tate!  Get back in the bath.  I have to wash you.”  She began to reluctantly climb back into the water.

By the time I was over by the edge of the tub, I saw why she was climbing out.  Floating throughout the tub were little poopie balls.  (I don’t even know if I am spelling “poopie” correctly.  Its not a word I write often.)  I promptly start screaming!  My husband runs in and asks what is going on – then he sees!

My first instinct when kids are dirty is to give them a bath.  But my bathtub is full of floating e. coli balls.  Yikes!  I quickly pick up Tate and put her in the shower stall and tell my husband to wash her.  She, of course, has no idea what is going on and why we are yelling, so she begins to cry.

So the full picture is poop in the tub, floating around all her toys.  Tate screaming/crying in the shower while my husband washes her, and me trying to figure out how to get all the poop out of the tub so I have the least amount of physical contact with it.

What I finally decide upon is to use one of the cups that Tate plays with in the tub and scoop out the poop and put in the toilet.  This evidently intrigues Tate, because she kept saying, “I want to see my poopie balls.”  Her naked little self follows me back and forth between the tub and toilet as I retrieve the rest of the contaminants.

When I finally finish, I throw away all the tub toys.  They are cheap tub toys and not worth me worrying over whether I had cleaned them thoroughly enough.  Gotta love her!  How boring life would be without her! For this reason, she earns “least favorite” tonight.

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-2          Bell 3/0      Tate 3/-4        Jack 1/-1      Husband 0/-1

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