I Throw Away Dishes…….

  Some people cheat on their spouses, are alcoholics, steal their children’s Ritalin.  Others embezzle from their companies, make meth, eat chalk.  I throw away dishes.  Yes, you heard me correctly – I throw away dishes.  Not the plastic, Styrofoam or paper kind – the real, pottery, every day dishes.

The backstory is that I have two teenage daughters, a 2 year old daughter and a large dog.  We all live in a rental house along with my husband.  We sold our house a year and a half ago to build a new house.  However, we have been in the rental house for A YEAR AND A HALF!  Note that I didn’t bring many items to the rental house because I knew it would be temporary.  Its like camping – for a year and a half.  Fun at first, not so much now.  For instance we only have a few towels, one set of sheets per bed, limited furniture.  No photographs, books, etc.  It was going to be temporary.  Evidently, my husband and I have a different definition of the word “temporary.”

I truly do love him, BUT he is the slowest man in North American.  Problem is that he is an engineer and gets tied up in the logistics of the building process and wants to be a part of each detail and price everything to the penny.  I am more of a “just get it done!!!” type of person.  Thus, the frustration.

So how does this tie into the dishes?  My husband loves to eat cereal each morning and he loves our deep-dish, pottery cereal bowls.  Sometimes, out of frustration, I throw one or two of the bowls away.  For no good reason other than a passive-aggressive act of defiance.  For some reason this makes me feel better.  I don’t really know why.  Maybe that I am getting back at him in some small way.  Again, I could be doing much worse things.  Yes, I am totally trying to justify this act.

I know this is completely insane!  These are my dishes too.  However, if I know this is insane, does it make it less insane by the mere fact that I acknowledge the inherent insanity of it?  I know.  I am trying to rationalize this.

But they are 18, almost 19, years old and part of me wants new dishes.  We are now down to about 4 bowls of the original 10 we started with as newlyweds.  Part of me gets a wicked thrill out of it.  So, for any of you that know me personally, remember what happens on the blog, stays on the blog.  He never has to know I am throwing away dishes.  Everything is truly disposable at some point in time right?  I am just speeding along the process a little.

For these reasons, my husband is my least favorite today.

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-2          Bell 3/0      Tate 3/-3        Jack 1/-1      Husband 0/-1

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