I’m Buying a Toddler Leash!

 I used to be one of those moms who would see parents with their kids on leashes and look down my nose at them.  How dare they treat their child like a dog!  That is sooooo demeaning!  They obviously MUST be horrible parents!  Those kids will definitely end up in therapy.

Today, I have officially eaten those words.  I TOTALLY get it!  Our two year old daughter, Tate, is a runner.  No, I mean RUNNER!!  Whatever she is doing and wherever she is going, she is running.  Full out running.  One evening, after working all day, I was dog-dead tired but had to go to the grocery store.  Tate could not be coerced to sit in the seat of the grocery cart, so I told her she had to hold my hand.  (That was mistake #1 – Never try to reason with a two year old.  They will agree to anything to get what they want or don’t want at that particular minute.)

We actually made it a few rows in the store before she pulled loose from my hand.  So I have to make that split-second decision to leave my cart and purse, or chase my daughter.  The two year old won out and I began my chase.  I ran past 6, yes 6 rows in Wal-Mart in MY HEELS, before finally catching her!  It was a lovely sight to see.  I am sure it was amusing to all lookers-on.  However, not amusing to me.

Then I have the pressure of how to discipline her in public.  At home this would result in time out definitely, or maybe even a pop on her leg.  But in public! I don’t want the department of social services to have a talk about my parenting skills.  Therefore, I felt my only option was a stern talk with Tate – which I’m sure had virtually no effect.

What do other parents of “runners” do?  My other two girls were Stepford children compared to this one.  How do I curb this innate drive to run away from me??  I am chasing this child all over the state!  I even have started avoiding some things because I know it will be a chase-fest.  All I can come up with is the baby leash.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!  

So today my least favorite child is Tate. : (  She makes me tired.

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-2          Bell 3/0      Tate 3/-3        Jack 1/-1

3 thoughts on “I’m Buying a Toddler Leash!

  1. My friend is going through the same with her son. I have him once a week over night and on one occasion we went to McDonalds on the way home because he had been very good that day. I told him, as we always do, that while I was getting the food he was to stay beside me or look at the toys of the week behind me. He was fine, then the cashier asked me a question – no boy! Even though I saw the front door closing I had the forethought to look in the play area first. We were going to eat first THEN the play area. Like you, how do you discipline in public. I ended up taking all the food to go and got him out before he had a chance to make too much of a tantrum. His Mom has tried the leash and he has actually broken the harness!

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    1. LOL! That is hilarious!! I never heard of a child breaking the harness : ) We are definitely getting our exercise with this little one : )


  2. Grandma loves to keep Tate and has the same issues that Mom has when it comes to running. A friend and I take Tate shopping one morning and i think ,as she says she will not touch everything and stay with me, that I could let her walk as she protests about riding in a cart. After a few minutes of not being able to do anything be chase after her, I decide to put her in the cart. That was a sight. Two grown women trying their hardest to put this little two year old precious girl in this shopping cart. She screamed to the top of her lungs and had the whole store watching. What a moment. After three try’s we finally got her feet in the holes in the cart, as soon as I got her down I clicked the belt very quickly. She cried so hard I though she was going to throw up. I just walked around trying to pretend I was in control. After about 10 minutes she settled down and I could breath a little. Needless to saw I was ready to go home, but I made sure I walked around some to make my point that she had to do as I said when out shopping. Took her out again yesterday and she did much better. I guess you could say I won that battle. Love this little girl with all my heart.


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