The Vet Stole our Dog

Do you ever feel like some days you are on a reality show. That someone must be filming this. The situations that are happening are just too weird to be true. You actually look around as if you will see a camera. Anybody else?
Well today was one of those days. Jack, our 6 year old chocolate lab, was stolen today from our home.
I use the word “stolen” loosely and soon you will see why.
I was at work around 8:30am and I get a call on my cell phone from the veterinarian’s office. Of course I ignore it. They call all the time about scheduling appointments. You see, Jack has seizures and takes medicine twice a day for this condition. Therefore, we have to go in often and have his blood tested and renew prescriptions. We literally spend more money on his medical bills than we do our 3 children! So when I saw the vet’s number, I just ignored it and thought that I would call them back later. Then the office called again a few minutes later. I thought, “wow they really want some business,” but again determined to call them later at a time that was more convenient for me.
I went on with my day and around 10:30am I talked to my husband by phone. He said he was at home because he had to go pick up Jack and bring him back home.
Our veterinarian, Willie, lives in the same neighborhood as we do. We go to church with him and know him pretty well. However, we are currently renting a house while the house we are building is being finished. Willie didn’t know which house we lived in.
On his way to work, Willie sees this lab standing out in the middle of the road. He goes a few blocks and looks back to see that the dog is still there. Being afraid that the dog will be hit, he loops back around and puts the dog in his car and goes on to work. Yes, Jack was stolen from our house!
As Willie gets to work, he looks up the microchip information and finds out that Jack is our dog, thus the phone calls from the vet’s office. We had not realized that the battery in Jack’s electric fence collar had died and he could get in the road.
Thanks to Dr. Willie, Jack was safe and rescued – from our home! Just one more thing to add to the “to do” list that is never-ending!! Anybody else had their dog stolen from their home by their vet? Is it just us? Again, where are the cameras? You can’t make up this stuff!!
So today my favorite and least favorite is Jack; favorite for being such a great dog and always loving us; least favorite for adding to our ever growing list of things we have to get done : )
Daily tally:
Aubrie 1/-2 Bella 3/0 Tate 3/-2 Jack 1/-1 



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