A Shoe Full of Urine

I can’t actually believe I am typing those words all together to form a concept.  Yes, tonight I was brought a shoe full of urine.  Maybe not my best day on the planet, but those were the cards dealt to me today.  The shoe was my 13 year old daughter’s cheer tennis shoe – that she had just ordered and gotten new last week.  I guess its really her fault in a way because I am forever asking the two “big girls” to put away their shoes and bags they leave in the kitchen/den.  Today it would have been very wise for her to have followed directions.

Tate, is currently potty training and was wearing “big girl panties” from about 5:30pm, on into the night.  She had done really well and I had taken her to potty twice successfully.  I had just asked her a few minutes before if she needed to potty again and she said “no” so I let it be fore a little while.

I was working to clean up dishes in the kitchen, when my husband brings me a shoe with yellowish liquid in it.  He asks me “What’s in Bella’s shoe?”  At first thought, this may seem like a stupid question, being that the liquid was yellowish.  However, Tate is known to often spit whatever liquid she is drinking, out into her toys, on the floor, or on furniture.

Knowing that I had not given her anything to drink lately, I knew the only other alternative: URINE!  How on the planet, did she manage to fill a shoe with urine?!  I assure you, she is not that coordinated or crafty.  She just happened to be standing in the den, playing with her toys, when the notion hit.  Bella’s shoe was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Perhaps this will encourage the two big girls to actually put their shoes away.  Who wants their shoes to be peed in?

So here’s another reason I won’t be getting mother of the year this year again: I didn’t tell Bella about her shoe.  Our oldest daughter, Aubrie knew about it and I warned her not to say anything to Bella.  I cleaned the shoe and knew it wouldn’t be worn for a couple of days.  After all, Tate didn’t mean to do this – it was a complete accident.  I didn’t want the fresh wrath of an angry 13 year old girl to descend upon her two year old innocent soul.  The fact that I wasn’t telling Bella and that Aubrie couldn’t tell her was pure agony for Aubrie.  I think it almost physically hurt her not to tell her sister and see the distress it caused.

However, all ended well and Bella is not the wiser.  I will tell her……eventually : ) – Preferably when her shoes is dry and not smelly and all this is a distant memory.

So my favorite today is Bella.  May she never be the wiser and live in bliss because of this.

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-2          Bella 3/0          Tate 3/-2


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