The Many Uses of Bottle Openers

 We own the sickest horse in town.  He lives in our living room and he must have medicine multiple times a day.  Its probably about time for him to be getting a bit sick.  He is around 13 years old now.  The horse I am referring to is a 3-4 ft long, 2 1/2 ft wide bouncy horse, and was given to my oldest daughter when she was three.  Big and plastic, it sits in a metal frame and is attached by springs.  He is quite the elegant addition to my family room.  Everyone should get one.  Its the new trend for fall.

The horse is there because Tate, our two year old daughter, loves him.  Correction: LOVES him.  She plays with him every day.  Every morning.  Every night.  He often needs medicine, which she is happy to supply.  She gets empty, plastic medicine cups (like the ones that come with liquid Tylenol) and he has to take that medicine.  Its imaginary medicine most often.  Sometimes she gives him a little water too as medicine. She also finds old plastic syringes (for giving cough medicine and fever meds) and pretends to give him medicine through this.

Additionally, Tate has a little “Doc McStuffins” doctor kit, so the horse often has to have his blood pressure checked.  She will say, “I need to check his pressure.”  Cute.  She also uses a real stethoscope to check his heart.  Our pediatrician was so kind to pass along an old stethoscope she was no longer using.

However cute all these other things are, the cutest of all to me is how Tate checks his eyes.  I allow her to play in the utensil drawer in the kitchen and think there is value in playing with measuring cups and teaspoons.  I will even let her use a bowl of water to measure with these tools sometimes.  After all, these things can easily be put in the dishwasher.

A few days ago, I noticed Tate had found another useful tool: the bottle opener.  The one we own was given to us as a souvenir when someone traveled to Hawaii.  It is wooden and carved like a tiki totem pole.  Well that’s the best way to describe it.  Tate had found the bottle opener and was using it to examine her horse’s eyes.  Genius!  When you really take a minute and look at a bottle opener, it does look like the tool at the doctor’s office that they use to examine your eyes.  Yet, my 43 year old eyes would never have seen this potential.  Leave it to the fresh, untainted eyes of a child to find the similarities in the common, everyday tools.  Innovation at its best!

Due to creativity and innovation, Tate is my favorite today : )  Keep it up babe!

Daily tally:

Aubrie 1/-2          Bella 2/0          Tate 3/-2


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