Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner


Yep.  There’s a winner today.  Our oldest is still whining about her water-logged iPhone and how it is apparently MY fault that it got wet (Her baby sister put it in the sink).  We had tears again about how all her photos were lost forever and now, with no photo documentation, all those things never happened.  So by that logic, being the middle child, I guess most of my childhood never really happened.  This teenage roller coaster is quite the ride!

Baby Tate is the winner tonight solely due to a few words uttered before she drifted off to sleep: “You’re my best friend Mama.”  I just won the lottery!!!!  In the midst of the teenage storm that so often is my life, I am reminded why I had children, and that I truly do love all of them, even the teenagers.

I know this won’t last and I am not REALLY her best friend.  But I will take this when I can get it.  Let me live in the bliss a few more minutes.  She loves me.  I love her – well adore her really : )

So today Tate is the favorite child.

Daily tally:

Aubrie  1/-2,     Bella 2/0,     Tate 2/-2

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