Baby Ninja


The “Baby Ninja” struck again!  I know she just turned two, but she is fast as lightening!  The FBI/CIA should be looking at her soon; stealthy, quick, scary quiet when she wants to be…….

My oldest daughter was doing homework at the kitchen table and had her phone laying out of the table.  I was in the kitchen trying to cook and I heard the bathroom sink go on.  I walked over to discover that Tate has swiped Aubrie’s phone, put it in the bathroom sink and was presently running water over her iPhone 6.  I quickly rescued it from the sink and began to try to get all the water off with a towel.

Bad things started happening with the iPhone; colors and lines started going all over the screen.  I am no tech genius, but I assume that is not a good thing.  I dried off as much as I could and then put the phone in a zip lock bag full of rice.  We will see how it is in the morning.  I did all this as quietly as possible so as not to raise the drama level in my house.

A short time later, Aubrie discovered her phone was missing.  I calmly told her what had happened and she began to yell at the baby and then at me for allowing the baby to do this to her phone.  Honestly, it was really no one’s fault.  Babies do crazy stuff.  And they are crazy quick.  She doesn’t really know she was harming an expensive electronic device; we let her play in water all the time with her plastic toys.

However, this did nothing to calm our 16 year old down.  The tears started and the drama level in the house definitely shot up a few notches.  She would rather someone take away her car, computer, TV – anything but her phone!  Now she is disconnected from the world and won’t know super-important things like what Sara had for dinner or if the homework really is due tomorrow or the next day.  I hope she can make it through the night off the grid; the struggle is real.

For all these reasons above, the oldest and youngest, Aubrie and Tate, are my least favorites today.  Bella, my default of being sweet and easy every day, definitely wins today : )

Daily tally:

Aubrie  1/-2,     Bella 2/0,     Tate 1/-2


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