Car Talk


We have a clear winner or rather loser today.  Driving in the car home from a long Labor Day beach trip is always a joy with three children and their parents.  Its pretty much utopia in one little car.  Everyone enjoys the luxury and comfort of the ample accommodations.  There’s plenty of space for all the luggage.  The children are patient, quiet and entertained the whole time.  No one is even worried about how long the trip may take.  They just enjoy the togetherness of their family time.  Please tell me you have picked up on the sarcasm dripping from the proceeding sentences.  This was not exactly our experience.

Our experience was borderline torturous.  My husband has said in the past that he would love to drive cross country with the kids for several weeks.  Our kids?  Are you sure?  That will be a very lonely trip without me!  That is just not the kind of hell I voluntarily sign up for.  

The main issue this trip was our 16 year old daughter.  The angst and entitlement swirled together make for a lovely riding companion.  She complained about everything.  No really.  Everything.  Its too hot, too cold, the radio is too loud or not loud enough.  The radio was on the wrong station, we were talking too loud.  We were talking about her.  Why did we look at her that way.  The baby pulled her hair (well move your head away from her!).  There’s too much stuff in the car.  Her father is not driving right – he’s swerving, going too fast or too slow.  The car is too junky.  When are we going to get another car because this one is embarrassing. I could go on.  These are actually sentences that this child said in the car.

This ranting went on the whole trip.  I feel like we should get some kind of medal for maintaining composure throughout the trip.   Sure we passed some type of parenting test.  She would be great at a prisoner of war camp.  Just let her complain to them – it’s better than most types of torture!

As she went on and on, especially when she was complaining about the type of car we drive and its inherent embarrassing attributes, I thought who is this entitled brat?  You are NOT A KARDASHIAN!  I think I really blame them.  They are creating such a fantasy land that kids think is real life and then they don’t understand when real life isn’t quite that way.  Its sad in a way – kids are being set up for such a dive into reality.

So today we have a clear “least favorite” with Aubrie.  Love her to death, but I wish the aliens who took her brain away at the onset of puberty would bring it back soon!

Daily tally:

Aubrie 0/-1, Bella 0/0, Tate 0/-1


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